“COSTANTINO COSTRUZIONI S.r.l. “Le Residenze di Via Lo Re”, are a property of the Costantino Costruzioni Ltd.”

The CONSTANTINO COSTRUZIONI Ltd is an enterprise qualified and dynamic, which operates in the field of construction, renovations and delivery “turnkey” and currently it mainly operates in the center-south of Italy.
The Costantino Costruzioni ltd achived more than 150 turnkey projects in more than 20 years of history and brilliant achievements .
It has performed and performs important works, which are carried out with the help of highly skilled workers, this enables the Company to produce works of particular difficulties in their entirety by the masonry, the interior and the technological systems.

Headquartered in the city of Foggia has always supported large companies in their development , private companies of national value , designing and building with the “turnkey” formula starting in a regional context and than, thanks to the quality of the works, started to operate throughout the country . It has designed and executed major buildings and installations in industrial, commercial, private, residential and hotel / accommodation field. The Company’s mission is to provide a total consulting from planning, implementation of the various actions that a project requires as masonry, technological, finishes, internal doors and external, to the furnishing

The Company’s structure is lean and efficient, in order to respond promptly and effectively to all requests made by customers. The Company is certified for the entire design process production according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, has grown gradually, gaining the confidence and trust of major clients such as banks , hotel companies, companies operanting in the service sector and private customers . Today The Constantino Construzioni Ltd. can be the natural partner for major projects that companies and individuals want to realize. If you have any needs we invite you to visit our website www.costantinocostruzionisrl.com